Burnt Country

Burnt Country was founded in 2015 out of a desire to create unique pieces for your home, reflecting the raw beauty of Australia.

Growing up on the bush and spending my summer holidays camping by the sea I have always been in awe of Australia's natural wonders! This went to a whole new level when my husband and I sold everything we had, bought a Jeep and a caravan and headed off into the sunset! What an adventure we had! What a country we have!

Coming from a long line of creators I don't remember a time I wasn't making something! Sewing, crafting, dying, designing, the list goes on!  I believe the secret to it is not being afraid to fail! The joy really is in the journey! It's the whole creative process!

I design, hand dye & create items from my Sydney studio.

Genuine leather, hemp, organic cotton and linen all feature in my products. If you don't already love hemp fabric you soon will! Check blog for awesome info.

A lovely family run business does all the heavy sewing for me right here in Sydney.


Ethical sustainability

Burnt Country strives continually to be a label which supports both our incredible world and all those in it! You'll find NO mass production, NO exploitation of people along the supply chain, and a continual choice to protect our land at each step of the production journey.

These are choices.

I believe in the importance of "using what's in my hand" ie doing my bit!


I'm all about coming together, inspiring, encouraging, collaborating!