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The idea of Justa Local Store has been created by a couple of lovebirds wanting to share some joy around the world. One of us is a Kiwi and the other is from Aus. Finding ourselves wanting to be able to give a little more back to a society that we get so much from. It's about creating a giving concept whilst supporting local designers.

We are both Nurses, most recently working in a Remote Indigenous Community.

The main focus of Justa Local Store is to start a movement in the way we shop. Everyone enjoys a little shopping, or a lot. So why shouldn't we enjoy this, and at the same time give a dollar or two. Then we share with those who are in need. We feel it is important for everyone to believe that small donations add up. We are not trying to save the world, we are trying to help change it.

Justa Local Store makes a promise for EVERY item that is sold from our online shop - we will give a dollar to charity. This means that if you buy five shirts, we give five dollars. Making a conscious decision to shop with Justa Local Store, is starting the giving process.

So hit the favourites button or bookmark this page because together we can make a difference!

Steve (Kiwi) + Christie (non-Kiwi)

X x




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